At Hanley's, we pride ourselves on having a wealth of experience in all things aquatic. We have a huge variety of beautiful tropical and coldwater fish in stock. We are a premium stockist of Oase pond products and carry a vast selection of aquatic pumps, lights, filters, heaters, and lighting. We carry a large selection of aquariums for every need and budget including BiOrb. Our knowledgeable staffs are always on hand to offer advice on setting up your pond, fish tank, and the well being of your fish.


Ponds not only make your garden beautiful they also help the environment. At Hanley's, we have everything needed to make your own special garden feature from flexible liner to pumps, filters and many other products by Oase.

Fish Care

As well as the fish, we stock a massive range of equipment for all of your fishkeeping requirements. Filters, heaters, light starter units and tubes, treatments, food, plus spare parts for most of the equipment. We have a large range...


Starting an aquarium doesn't have to be a difficult task. We stock all the classic favorites such as Tetras, Guppies and Gouramis and Catfishes. We are also able to order in on-demand and specially import other more rare varieties. Added...