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  • Can You Use Plants As Garden Furniture In Ireland?

    This may sound like a odd question to ask. I mean when you're thinking of garden furniture Ireland, plants are not necessarily the first thing that spring to mind. Plants are most often (and correctly so) thought of as aesthetic, functional and fresh additions to your garden - they are not often thought of as garden furniture. That could be about to change, however.

    Plants Used As Garden Furniture

    OK, so we're not recommending that you sit on your hydrangeas and host a tea party of your daffodils. With that said, plants can effectively be used as some sort of garden furniture. This is more of a DIY task, but so cool! Essentially, you can use plants as dividers to section off areas of your garden. These then act as plant garden furniture dividers - when done correctly of course.

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  • Christmas Trees Cork | Hanleys of Cork

    Christmas is looming already and here at Hanleys of Cork, our Christmas spirit is in full bloom. At Hanleys, we love everything about Christmas, from our Christmas trees, lights and decorations. The main thing about Christmas for us, however, is the experience. Christmas is a time of joy, family, friendship and giving, which is why we put so much effort into sourcing the best Christmas trees in Cork to provide you and your family/friends with beautiful Cork Christmas trees to make your house a home. Cork city and county is ever-growing and becoming more modern, but one thing that will always stay is our love for the Christmas experience and how Cork Christmas trees can bring that to life. Of course, we have our very own Christmas experience at Hanleys of Cork with one of the most beautifully decorated stores in Cork, a sense of Christmas like nowhere else and stunning Cork Christmas trees all around.

    Real Christmas Trees Cork

  • Garden Sheds Cork - Why They're Important

    Garden sheds can provide a multitude of functions. Naturally, the main function that the provide is that of storage, which is probably why 'Garden sheds Cork' is such a popular topic - to protect your gardening equipment from the rain!

    What we love about garden sheds is how they can really transform a garden. Garden sheds in Cork can change how your garden looks, while working beautifully for storage and fitting in seamlessly with your garden's design.

    Why Garden Sheds Cork Is An Important Topic For Your Garden

    Garden sheds can bring a multitude of things to your beautiful Cork gardens here are just some of them:

    • Storage
    • Style
    • Comfort
    • Completion
    Garden Sheds Cork
  • Amazing DIY Hanging Baskets For Your Garden Fencing

    Garden fencing is a vital aspect of any garden. Many people think of it as more of a city thing, but it is equally important in the countryside. Garden fencing allows you to turn your garden into an abode and close it off from the outside world. I mean, you wouldn't have a house without walls would you? That'd just be ridiculous!

    With that said, many people tend to purchase garden fencing and leave it pretty much as it is. Of course that it perfectly find, particularly if it fits in theme with your garden! Some folk like to inject a bit of personality into their fences, however, as you may have seen in our previous post on wacky garden fence inspiration.

    For this post, we are going to add to our list and show you some gorgeous DIY hanging baskets that can personalise your Cork garden fencing.

    Garden Fencing Hanging Baskets - Add Personality to Your Garden

    Bumblebee Plant Pots

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  • 5 Stunning Pieces of Garden Furniture For Your Irish Garden:

    We have done a lot of posts speaking about different types of garden furniture in the past few months. As you know by now, if you read our blog, we at Hanleys of Cork feel that garden furniture can truly help t bring your Irish garden to life. It can add class and sophistication to any Irish garden. It can add a sense of grandeur, whilst also bringing in some elegant cohesion. Of course, most importantly is that it both looks good and is comfortable for you!

    With that said, we decided to veer from our knowledgeable path and just show you 5 pieces of Irish garden furniture that we love – and yes, these items are available online or in store at Hanleys of Cork.

    Hanleys of Cork 5 Picks to Top the List of Garden Furniture Ireland:

    1) LA Rattan Round 6 Seater

    Garden Furniture			

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  • The ‘She-shed’ – The Newest Design in Garden Sheds for Women

    Garden sheds are most often used for function, and rightly so if we’re being honest – I mean they were originally designed for storage right? That being said, we love some inspiration here at Hanleys of Cork and couldn’t help, but post about some of these fantastically designed sheds that we came across to see if we could give you a boost of excitement for your Cork garden sheds.

    Garden Sheds

    The ‘Man Cave’ Shed:

    We all know far too much about the man cave. Men have loved the idea of man caves since the dawn of time. These humble abodes where they can do ‘man stuff’ and relax in peace without judgement from their female counterparts. These man caves often take form in garden sheds, where men sync up their TV and wifi

  • A Guide For Tending to Your Garden Furniture in Ireland

    We know that we have been posting a lot about garden furniture as of late, but that is simply because of its importance in your garden and the extensive list that you need to think of when purchasing garden furniture.

    We have done articles on choosing garden furniture and the importance of your outdoor furnishings, particularly in Ireland. What we haven’t done yet though, is a little post on caring for your garden furniture in Ireland.

    We have explained to you as of late that we stock both rattan garden furniture and aluminium, but we haven’t told you how to keep them in top knick. Here is a little guide as to how:

    Rattan Garden Furniture

    Rattan furniture is made from the sleek. bendable palm stems. Outdoor rattan furniture is then coated with Polyurethane to keep it waterproof and weather resistant. Rattan furniture is long lasting, but it needs to be cared for properly. It also comes in a vast array of stylish designs, making it a popular choice for the Irish household

  • 5 Reasons to Relax in Your Irish Garden This Summer

    Gardens are a wonderful thing. Of course gardens are comprised of a number of aspects, such as gardening, garden furniture, plants, fences, etc. What is funny though is the amount of time that we can spend ensuring to get our Irish gardens perfect. We travel all over Ireland for garden furniture, hunt online and sometimes even overseas for special plants to add to our loot and then spend a huge amount of time tending to out beautiful creations. This alone is not absurd, but what is is the little amount of time that we actually spend appreciating our work, that we spend in our gardens, relaxing with a mug of tea or cup of wine and reading the latest Jane Austin release. Why is it that gardening in Ireland has turned into more of a chore than relaxation? This, we cannot answer, but what we can do is give you 5 reasons to enjoy your Irish garden this summer.

    5 Reasons to Sit Back & Relax in Your Irish Garden Furniture this Summer

    1. Relaxing in your garden allows you to be more present and in the moment
    2. Many people forget that relaxation time allows you to

  • Is The Future of Gardening in Ireland Interactive?

    Gardening in Ireland

    Gardening in Ireland is more than a task, it's more than potting some plants, it's tradition. In Ireland, gardening has always been a huge part of our culture. It is often passed down from generation to generation with a huge rejuvenation in the interest of gardening occurring in the past 15 years or so.

    Like most things that happening at the moment, gardening in Ireland has reached a new wave, a new modernity. Having a garden can now mean a vast amount of things. Your garden can be:

    • Traditional
    • Modern
    • Holistic
    • Food Oriented
    • Garden Furniture Oriented
    • Focused on Style Over Function
    • Focused on Function Over Style

    Irish gardening has become something specific to each person and Irish garden centres such as Hanleys of Cork are here to cater to those feelings. Something that has not yet occurred, but there have recently been talks of however, is the interactive, connected garden.

    New Interactive Technology for Irish Gardens

    There are a host of new

  • Aliminium Vs Wooden Garden Furniture in Ireland – Pros & Cons:

    Garden Furniture is a Staple in Your Irish Home

    A running theme throughout our blog feed is that of garden furniture. This has not occurred via a happy coincidence, but rather because of the importance of one’s outdoor furnishings in both stylising and ensuring optimal functionality in your gardens. Of course there is a vast array of furniture to choose from, from garden tables and chairs, to garden couches that you can lounge on, various furnishings such as statues, etc. and even pet beddings.

    Wooden & Aluminium Furniture

    In our patios and backyards, 2 furniture types are predominant, namely; aluminium and wooden (or in our case, Rattan) garden furniture. These are chosen because of their aesthetics and functionality. Both types of outdoor furniture are the cream of the crop and are long lasting investments. But what makes one better than the other?

    Wooden Furniture Vs. Aluminium Furniture in Ireland

    A key question is the differences between the 2 – here are some bullet points as to their benefits:

    Wooden/Rattan garden fu

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