5 Reasons to Relax in Your Irish Garden This Summer

Gardens are a wonderful thing. Of course gardens are comprised of a number of aspects, such as gardening, garden furniture, plants, fences, etc. What is funny though is the amount of time that we can spend ensuring to get our Irish gardens perfect. We travel all over Ireland for garden furniture, hunt online and sometimes even overseas for special plants to add to our loot and then spend a huge amount of time tending to out beautiful creations. This alone is not absurd, but what is is the little amount of time that we actually spend appreciating our work, that we spend in our gardens, relaxing with a mug of tea or cup of wine and reading the latest Jane Austin release. Why is it that gardening in Ireland has turned into more of a chore than relaxation? This, we cannot answer, but what we can do is give you 5 reasons to enjoy your Irish garden this summer.

5 Reasons to Sit Back & Relax in Your Irish Garden Furniture this Summer

  1. Relaxing in your garden allows you to be more present and in the moment
  2. Many people forget that relaxation time allows you to unwind your mind so that when you're back in action you can fully focus.

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  3. The miracles of nature
  4. Believe it or not, we guarantee you that whilst chilling in your garden chair you will experience some of nature's wonders. You may see little animals strolling across the lawns or hear beautiful birds chirping in the distance - either way it is a soothing way to relax.

  5. Appreciating Your Gorgeous Irish Garden Furniture
  6. OK, so this point includes a little bit of self love. Genuinely though, you've spent time and money travelling and searching Ireland for your garden furniture. Now that you have it and are relaxing in it enjoy it. Garden furniture in Ireland is some of the best that you will ever come across - be proud of your patio furniture!

  7. Meditation
  8. Release your inner hippie! Meditation can bring you into a whole new realm. On top of that, meditating in your garden is wonderful. The fresh air is fantastic for your body and mind - there is nothing better.

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  9. The weather!
  10. The weather we've had recently is crazy! Never can we remember having such nice weather for such a long period of time in Ireland. I mean, how often can you say that it's time to bring our the parasol to shade your patio furniture? Ireland is treating us well right now.

Though they are only some of the reasons as to why you should relax in your Irish garden this summer, there is a multitude of others. Yes, it might be nice going to different parks and beaches, etc., but don't forget to enjoy what you have in your own backyard - it's the only personal space on earth ☺️

This article on enjoying your Irish Gardens this summer and ensuring the get the most from your Irish Garden Furniture was brought to you by Hanleys of Cork, Ireland's premiere garden furniture centre.

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