5 Stunning Pieces of Garden Furniture For Your Irish Garden:

We have done a lot of posts speaking about different types of garden furniture in the past few months. As you know by now, if you read our blog, we at Hanleys of Cork feel that garden furniture can truly help t bring your Irish garden to life. It can add class and sophistication to any Irish garden. It can add a sense of grandeur, whilst also bringing in some elegant cohesion. Of course, most importantly is that it both looks good and is comfortable for you!

With that said, we decided to veer from our knowledgeable path and just show you 5 pieces of Irish garden furniture that we love – and yes, these items are available online or in store at Hanleys of Cork.

Hanleys of Cork 5 Picks to Top the List of Garden Furniture Ireland:

1) LA Rattan Round 6 Seater

Garden Furniture

This beautiful garden furniture set is a gorgeous set for your patio. Particularly if you have a larger back garden, this rattan set can add beauty, style and functionality into your garden – who would’ve thought that garden furniture could do all that, eh? The glass table top is perfect for bringing your children outside to have lunch/play games and it also functions perfectly as a nice place to lay your glass of wine while you read your book in the evening!

2) Mississippi Arch Mesh Set

Garden Furniture

Changing it up from the rattan, we have a beautiful, cream aluminium further set that just oozes class. This set is dressed with brown cushions and an umbrella that make it easily stand out. Aluminium furniture is easy to keep and the brown cushions are a perfect colour for the outdoors – this is a stylish garden furniture set that allows the owner to relax about high maintenance.

3) Athena Flame Tower Patio Heater

Garden Furniture Ireland

This garden furniture piece is for those of you who are passionate about garden furniture and spend a lot of time in your Irish backyards. Realistically, we all know that Ireland doe not tend to have the hottest summers in the planet, yet we still do have some beautiful summer evenings. Though this is true, those evenings can often be a little bit nippy. Getting furniture such as Athena heaters can set your Irish garden furniture apart and can stretch your summer futher than everyone else’s.

4) 4 Seater Rattan Bar Set

Garden Furniture Ireland

This bar set is perfect to bring a bit of cosmopolitan into your Irish garden. The set is a nice size so that it can fit comfortably in most gardens without taking over the garden or being knocked into the background. We love this garden furniture set because it is stylish and chic, but the rattan also makes it natural and allows it to blend with the garden at the same time. Coming with an ice-bucket and all, this set it perfect for class in your backyard.

5) Mississippi Oatmeal Bistro Set

Garden Furniture Ireland

Though named for its colour, this garden furniture set is actually the perfect place to sit out and have your morning oatmeal. We chose this piece as it is quaint and beautiful. Like the rattan piece above, though this is a small garden furniture set, it will fit beautiful into any garden. It could almost allow for a little hide-away in the corner of your garden and is the perfect spot to enjoy some relaxation time.

This article on garden furniture Ireland was brought to you by Hanleys of Cork, Ireland’s premier garden centre. For more information on garden furniture then go through our website or contact us @ 021 431 4464.

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