Aliminium Vs Wooden Garden Furniture in Ireland – Pros & Cons:

Garden Furniture is a Staple in Your Irish Home

A running theme throughout our blog feed is that of garden furniture. This has not occurred via a happy coincidence, but rather because of the importance of one’s outdoor furnishings in both stylising and ensuring optimal functionality in your gardens. Of course there is a vast array of furniture to choose from, from garden tables and chairs, to garden couches that you can lounge on, various furnishings such as statues, etc. and even pet beddings.

Wooden & Aluminium Furniture

In our patios and backyards, 2 furniture types are predominant, namely; aluminium and wooden (or in our case, Rattan) garden furniture. These are chosen because of their aesthetics and functionality. Both types of outdoor furniture are the cream of the crop and are long lasting investments. But what makes one better than the other?

Wooden Furniture Vs. Aluminium Furniture in Ireland

A key question is the differences between the 2 – here are some bullet points as to their benefits:

Wooden/Rattan garden furniture:

Rattan Garden Furniture Ireland

• Natural aesthetic • Flows with your garden • Arguably more comfortable • Tends to come in more variations (couches, benches, garden tables and chairs, etc.) • Is arguably easier to style

Aluminium garden furniture:

Aluminium Furniture IReland Hanleys of Cork

• Easier to maintain • Heavy so is extremely sturdy (so your tables and chairs will not be toppling easily) • Can add a Victorian aesthetic • Can work better when there is little grass & plants in the garden • Available in an array of colours • Works with or without cushions – which can be important in Irish weather

There is clearly a pro and con list for both types of furniture. Here at Hanleys of Cork we offer you both aluminium and Rattan garden furniture in order to allow you to choose the best for your home. Our aluminium furniture is top of the range. We offer you Rattan furniture, as it is a cheaper and (we feel) prettier and more functional furniture than general wooden furniture. The wicker work in Rattan furniture is stunning.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture has a natural aesthetic and is a lightweight furniture. It fits seamlessly with the majority of gardens and has a fresh, natural vibe that allows you to feel in touch with nature and your surroundings. Rattan furniture is particularly beneficial to those of you who have young children. As rattan furniture is lightweight it will not topple heavily on your children if they knock it over and also will not damage the surface underneath it. It also comes in an array of styles from large garden couches to smaller garden table and chairs sets. This is a functional and physically safe option to choose, whilst also being extremely comfortable and stylish.

This article on Wooden Garden Furniture, Aluminium Garden Furniture & Rattan Garden Furniture has been written by Hanleys of Cork. We are a Cork based, Irish Garden Centre who pride ourselves on our amazing products, fantastic staff knowledge and great customer service. To learn more about us, click onto our website or call in store and say hi.

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