Amazing DIY Hanging Baskets For Your Garden Fencing

Garden fencing is a vital aspect of any garden. Many people think of it as more of a city thing, but it is equally important in the countryside. Garden fencing allows you to turn your garden into an abode and close it off from the outside world. I mean, you wouldn't have a house without walls would you? That'd just be ridiculous!

With that said, many people tend to purchase garden fencing and leave it pretty much as it is. Of course that it perfectly find, particularly if it fits in theme with your garden! Some folk like to inject a bit of personality into their fences, however, as you may have seen in our previous post on wacky garden fence inspiration.

For this post, we are going to add to our list and show you some gorgeous DIY hanging baskets that can personalise your Cork garden fencing.

Garden Fencing Hanging Baskets - Add Personality to Your Garden

Bumblebee Plant Pots

Garden Fencing

How adorable are these little guys? They would be the perfect day spent with you kids during the summer - sprucing up your garden fence! And you could always paint them red and white at Christmas :)

Glass Jar Fencing Hangings

Garden Fences Cork

Another adorable idea, but more for when you have elder children. Imaging debs pictures in front of your glowing jars after you put tea lights in them! Garden fencing at its finest.

Tea-light Glass Holders

Garden Fences

Similar to the above idea - this is less of a fun DIY take, but results in such a classy, beautiful finish.

Handbag Hanging Baskets

Gardening Fencing

Need a place to recycle your old handbags? We've got you sorted! Now, maybe you'd be better off giving your out of date Chanel to a friend or charity store, but asides from that, this is another cute idea for your garden fencing :P

Shoe Organiser Fence Hanger

Garden Fencing

A new use for shoe organisers? Yes please! Imagine growing your herbs in one of these over one of the panels of your garden fencing. This is so clever - saves space and leaves everything in one convenient place for you.

Navy Blue Tins

Garden Fencing Cork

These are essentially the same thing as the bumblebee pots - but just look at how pretty they are! And we love that there's loads of them too.

Will You Give It a Go?

Let us know if you give any of this a go and decide to spruce up your own garden fencing. Also, make sure to send us pictures if you do - we would love to see them!

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