Can You Use Plants As Garden Furniture In Ireland?

This may sound like a odd question to ask. I mean when you're thinking of garden furniture Ireland, plants are not necessarily the first thing that spring to mind. Plants are most often (and correctly so) thought of as aesthetic, functional and fresh additions to your garden - they are not often thought of as garden furniture. That could be about to change, however.

Plants Used As Garden Furniture

OK, so we're not recommending that you sit on your hydrangeas and host a tea party of your daffodils. With that said, plants can effectively be used as some sort of garden furniture. This is more of a DIY task, but so cool! Essentially, you can use plants as dividers to section off areas of your garden. These then act as plant garden furniture dividers - when done correctly of course.

Garden Furniture Ireland

Why Partition Your Garden?

Partioning your garden with garden furniture can actually make to a much more pleasing aesthetic. A large garden is wonderful, but to make it into a stunning, functional space, partioning off sections with garden furniture can bring the garden to life. This is a neat trick that actually can make it seem like there's more space in your garden, when done correctly.

Vertical Plant Garden Furniture Ideas:

There are a number of DIY tricks that you can use to partition off sections of your garden, some of which are in the image below. Of course, you could always just pop into store and buy actual garden furniture, but for those of you who like some DIY as well as the real thing, these can be a quirky addition to your gardens.

Garden Furniture

What do you think of plants as garden furniture?

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