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  • The ‘She-shed’ – The Newest Design in Garden Sheds for Women

    Garden sheds are most often used for function, and rightly so if we’re being honest – I mean they were originally designed for storage right? That being said, we love some inspiration here at Hanleys of Cork and couldn’t help, but post about some of these fantastically designed sheds that we came across to see if we could give you a boost of excitement for your Cork garden sheds.

    Garden Sheds

    The ‘Man Cave’ Shed:

    We all know far too much about the man cave. Men have loved the idea of man caves since the dawn of time. These humble abodes where they can do ‘man stuff’ and relax in peace without judgement from their female counterparts. These man caves often take form in garden sheds, where men sync up their TV and wifi

  • How to Choose the Right Shed for Your Backyard

    Storage in Your Outdoors

    A hugely important factor when designing the exterior of your property is space. This is something that people often consider when allocating areas for pathways, flower beds, clotheslines, etc., but many people tend to forget about their garden shed.

    Garden sheds are vital for storage! Without a shed everything can be left lying around your garden from tools to lawnmowers and toys to sun loungers. This can be unsightly and will take away from your outdoor aesthetics. Not only that, but in our Irish weather, many of these items would rust and be constantly degraded. This makes it super important to have a storage solution.

    Garden Shed Hanleys of Cork

    Now, a lot of people living in the countryside

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