Is The Future of Gardening in Ireland Interactive?

Gardening in Ireland

Gardening in Ireland is more than a task, it's more than potting some plants, it's tradition. In Ireland, gardening has always been a huge part of our culture. It is often passed down from generation to generation with a huge rejuvenation in the interest of gardening occurring in the past 15 years or so.

Like most things that happening at the moment, gardening in Ireland has reached a new wave, a new modernity. Having a garden can now mean a vast amount of things. Your garden can be:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Holistic
  • Food Oriented
  • Garden Furniture Oriented
  • Focused on Style Over Function
  • Focused on Function Over Style

Irish gardening has become something specific to each person and Irish garden centres such as Hanleys of Cork are here to cater to those feelings. Something that has not yet occurred, but there have recently been talks of however, is the interactive, connected garden.

New Interactive Technology for Irish Gardens

There are a host of new technologies hinted to pounce into our gardens, ready to take over as opposed to our necessity items such as garden table and chairs and other garden furniture. These include:

  • Edyn
  • Rain Machine
  • GreenIQ
  • Parrot Flower Power
  • Bigger Scale Agriculture

Edyn monitors and stays on top of environmental conditions in your garden - this could be particularly useful in Ireland. Dependant on the day's weather, Edyn will tell you what care your plants need! Edyn also creates tailor-made recommendations about what plants would do the best in your garden and what is best for your soil type.

The RainMachine takes control of sprinkler systems to make your life easier. It looks forward for the week's forecast and adjusts your watering schedule - and you can view all of this from your smartphone.

Green IQ is an intelligent technology that takes care of your garden with regards to lighting and water usage! It saves you energy, electricity, money and makes your garden a greener place for all involved.

Green IQ Gardening Hanleys of Cork

Parrot Flower Power is a Bluetooth low energy sensor, which measures soil moisture, fertiliser and temperature and light intensity. This then alerts owners of all of this on their smartphones if the owner needs to act on it. As aforementioned, Parrot is wireless and this can be connected perfectly with Green IQ to make a fantastic garden system.

Parrot Flower Power Gardening Cork

Even further than all stated before is bigger scale agriculture. You thought that drones, etc. were science fiction? Think again!

Traditional or Technological?

So, what do you think? Are you on the side of techy gardens, or a more traditional silhouette consisting of some gorgeous garden furniture, rustic plants and beautiful gardens fences and sheds? Personally, we are (currently, at least) on the side of tradition. For us, there is nothing better than some beautiful garden furniture and a simple, yet chic style. In Ireland, we love to focus on our history and technology has already permeated so many of our industries that we feel that it is nice to keep some things the way that mother nature intended them to be.

Overall, we side with some nice Irish garden furniture, beautiful plants and sheds and maybe some kids and a family dog or cate roaming the garden. We'll hold off on cyborgs for the moment 😜 Let us know what you prefer!

This article was brought to you by Hanleys of Cork, the premium of all garden centres cork. We are proud of Ireland's gardens and will back our beautiful, traditional aesthetic all the way

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