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  • Holly

    In pre-Christian Celtic culture and history, the Holly Tree was regarded as sacred on account of its alleged mystic and herbal properties. Farmers who were cutting back hedges wouldn’t touch their holly trees, as the traditional belief was that dark witches used hedges as roads, but would not fly past a holly tree.

    Worried about witches or not, holly is a great choice for colour at this time of year as it’s robust through the chilly winter.

    Holly has separate male and female plants, so for order for pollination to occur you will need to plant one of each. A confusing thing with holly is that the male plant is called queen and the female is called king

    Holly can be grown as a specimen tree, keep trimmed as a large shrub or as a prickly hedge. Holly can also be grown in seaside gardens and is good in shade or full sun

  • Autumn Lawn care

    Not many people realise, but looking after your lawn in autumn  is an important task

    Firstly you need to regularly rake off fallen leaves using a leaf rake. Fallen leaves left on your lawn can  start to decompose and smother your grass.

    Next job would be to apply an autumn lawn feed and mosskiller. Autumn lawn feed gives your lawn a well deserved feed after summer and helps strenghtens its root system which will ensure you have a sturdier lawn next spring

    Another option for autumn is Mo Bacter which is an organic slow release lawn fertiliser and kills moss without turning it black.

    Compacted lawns can also be aerated in autumn. Aeration improves drainage , allows better air penetration and also helps reduce compaction . Aeration can easily be carried by driving a fork a few inches into the lawn

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