The ‘She-shed’ – The Newest Design in Garden Sheds for Women

Garden sheds are most often used for function, and rightly so if we’re being honest – I mean they were originally designed for storage right? That being said, we love some inspiration here at Hanleys of Cork and couldn’t help, but post about some of these fantastically designed sheds that we came across to see if we could give you a boost of excitement for your Cork garden sheds.

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The ‘Man Cave’ Shed:

We all know far too much about the man cave. Men have loved the idea of man caves since the dawn of time. These humble abodes where they can do ‘man stuff’ and relax in peace without judgement from their female counterparts. These man caves often take form in garden sheds, where men sync up their TV and wifi and bring in a mini-fridge for their beers – the perfect reclaim of your garden sheds. Is this the correct redesign of Irish garden sheds, however? Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a good man cave, but this is a post for the ladies, so we have to be a little biased ;)

The ‘She-shed’ – The Newest in Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are being taken over by storm with the arrival of the she-shed and we want to bring this to Cork garden sheds. The she-shed is exactly what it says on the tin, it is essentially the same as the man cave whilst simultaneously being the exact opposite. Garden sheds that have been reclaimed as she-sheds are stylish, elegant and quiet, rather than dark, intimate and filled with beer.

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Garden Sheds – A New Chic Hangout

She-shed garden sheds (try saying that without getting tongue-tied) are fantastic places for a catch-up with the girls, some afternoon tea with your little princess or some relaxing time alone. These garden sheds have reached a new height as of late, with the addition of a chic style, transforming them even further.

Cork Garden Sheds

I think it’s pretty obvious that if you want a tranquil space in your home the she-shed is the new way to go! Now the only thing is how are you going to make these garden sheds? Unless you are a handy-woman, you may have to suck up to someone at home for a time, but we’re sure that once your shed’s been transformed it’ll be totally worth it!

Now ladies, off you go and let’s transform those Cork garden sheds into the beautiful palaces that you deserve!

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