Nature Photography Day Competition

Nature Photography Day Competition

Our 2016 Nature Photography Day competition was such an overwhelming success and displayed so much outstanding Irish talent that we had to create somewhere for you to view it.

The Gallery

On May 21st 2016, we at Hanleys of Cork decided to create a Nature Photography Day competition for you guys. We did this because we love both nature and photography, and we really wanted to see what types of pictures you would produce. With that said, we were overwhelmed by the amount of entries that you sent in. Never in a million years did we expect to get well over 1,000 entries in just 2 weeks! Not to mind the talent that you all portrayed. We were astonished to see just how talented you are and to see so many stunning pictures of both our native Cork and Ireland. We were thrilled and flabbergasted by your entries, but mostly we were proud. We were so proud that we decided that they had to have a webpage of their own to live on forever. Please enjoy your talent by looking below at our top 20 entries with our winning shot taken by Aileen O’Regan.

The Winner

Nectar In Nature By Aileen O' Regan

Other Fantastic Entries

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