Pet Care


Kennels/Carriers: Are you looking for a kennel for your best friend? At Hanley’s of Cork, our quality dog kennels will give your dog a comfortable and sheltered place outside. We cater for all size dogs. Call into us on the...

Dog Food

Keep your dog happy and healthy with our award-winning selection of dog food at Hanley's of Cork. We carry a full range of dog foods to suit all dietary requirements, ages, breeds, and life stages

Bird Feeders

Looking after the wild birds and bird watching has always been a popular pastime in Ireland. Our bird feeders/tables and birdbaths are of the highest quality and help keep birds happy and in your garden throughout the year, not just...

Bird Feed

The number and variety of birds that visit your garden can be influenced by the way that you provide food. At Hanley’s, we stock a wide range of quality bird care products including peanut, high-quality seed mixes and energy balls.


Pamper your pet with something from our huge selection of dog accessories. We have beds, pillows, collars, leads, toys and most importantly treats!