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Cookout Lava Rocks 3kg

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Lava rock is a natural replacement stone for gas BBQ
Suitable for most types of gas BBQ
Distributes heat more evenly
One bag is enough for a full-size gas BBQ
Needs to be replaced every 12 months depending on how often your BBQ is used
Cookout Lava Rock stones can be used as a replacement for most gas barbecues. They are used to reduce fat fires but also help to enhance the smoky flavour of the food. The rocks should be replaced every 12 months. New lava will improve the distribution of heat, use less gas, get rid of unpleasant smells and reduce flare-up. One 3kg bag is enough to fill a full-size BBQ. The rocks work best inside gas grills when spread in a single layer on a special rock grate resting above the gas jets. Spread too thickly the rocks will fail to distribute heat efficiently. Avoid using lava rocks inside any gas grills not specifically designed for them. Turn the rocks over after every few uses to allow draining or burning off grease.


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