Sargas Stainless Steel Gas Heater


Sargas Stainless Steel Gas Heater

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Sit outside while it slowly gets cooler? Don’t fancy a big coat? A patio heater is a nice solution.

Sunred introduces another powerhouse with this Sargas Stainless Steel Gas Heater. This stylish patio heater can be connected to a gas bottle using the included hose and regulator. These bottles can be bought at, for example, a local gas station or camping shop.

Safe and pleasant to use
With a height of 205 cm, it easily heats a large area and the control dial allows you to easily adjust the heat intensity. In addition, the heater features an anti-tilt switch so it switches off if it tips over. This stainless steel patio heater is easy to move thanks to the wheels.

In short; The Sunred GH12RVS patio heater is a great gas heater for an attractive price. You’ll enjoy it for years to come.

The Sunred Sargas Stainless steel patio heater in short:
– Perfect next to the lounge set or patio table
– Features practical wheels
– Features an anti-tilt switch
– Robust aluminium housing


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